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In the high-stakes world of ruthless business tycoon Arnav Oberoi, ​where billions are made and lost at the snap of a finger, his ​extravagant wedding day takes an unexpected turn when his ​father is involved in a life-altering accident. A promise to his dying ​father forces him to care for a troubled teenager. The illegitimate ​Oberoi Heir, Aditya Oberoi, a boy he had never acknowledged. ​The boy shatters Arnav's carefully crafted world. His turbulent ​behavior sparks chaos within the Oberoi family, fueling ​resentment among Arnav's siblings

Aditya Oberoi, has always lived in the shadow of his prestigious ​last name. He despises the privilege and opulence associated with ​the Oberoi legacy, having never felt like a true Oberoi at heart. ​He's no stranger to the pain of being unwanted, and he's resolved ​never to let their hurtful rejection affect him again.

As the siblings are forced to co-exist and tensions rise within the ​Oberoi household, Arnav's unwavering belief in "family before ​anything else '' is put to the test. He must navigate a complex web ​of relationships to keep his promise to his father while preserving ​the harmony of the family he holds dear.

In the midst of the chaos, Arnav's only solace is the woman he ​married, Priyanka Goinka Oberoi, the enchanting heiress of the ​Goinka family. PA woman who wields the power to bind them ​together, or rip them apart.

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